Centre Developers Libraries

We as Centre know how time consuming it could/can be to implement a blockchain with a lot of variables where things can go wrong and you will end up debugging for a long time.

To solve this problem and motivate the road to adoption of the Credits blockchain. We have created a series of Libraries with good documentation and code samples.

Our goal is to give developers the shortest way of implementing the Credits blockchain to achieve this goal we had to make sure we stick with only 2 LINES of Code for each function.

This means that Developers can now send a transaction with 2 lines of code instead of a lot more.

Current available Libraries:

– Python
– C#
– NodeJS(Javascript)

The libraries will do all the hard work for you and connect with the Thrift API of the given node

As for the documentation every value or type is documented in the well known GitBook


Github links:

C#: https://github.com/akaitrade/Centre.NetCS

Python: https://github.com/akaitrade/Centre.PyCS

NodeJS(Javascript): https://github.com/akaitrade/Centre.NodeJs.CS