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Java based Smartcontracts

No sharding, high TPS blockchain

Short introduction

Creating blockchain applications based on passion

That’s what brought the team behind Centr together. From different disciplines, community members joined forces and started creating applications based on the blockchain technique of Credits.com

Our goal is to give blockchain a dignified position in society and to introduce the world to the actual power of (the Credits) blockchain for everyday use.



Luna Chat

A chat application that uses the Credits blockchain to send and receive messages.

Status: 90%

Website: Lunach.at


A handy monitor app to keep a close eye on the blockchain of Credits.

Status: 80%

Website: soon online

Stella Mail

Stella Mail uses the Credits Blockchain to send and deliver email messages.

Status: 30%

Website: soon online

NFT Platform

More information will follow soon!

Decentralized www.

More information will follow soon!

General all day tools

More information will follow soon!


What our goal is for this year…

All involved in Centr have a (full time) job and unfortunately cannot (yet) devote the desired time to Centr that they envision.

Depending on the success of the applications using the Credits Blockchain, the goal may be realized sooner. For now, the idea is to launch the above applications this year.