Centre Update progress

We are happy to show you our newest and greatest updates and releases! Along with some news about our Luna Chat project we are also releasing some new products that have the power to greatly motivate the adoption of Credits Blockchain


Third-Party Developer Libraries

At first a big effort went into creating Developer Libraries where a developer now can implement Credits with only 2 Lines of code per function !

We believe this is the most important step to attract Developers to the Credits blockchain and provide them with the most easy way of integrating or testing the Credits Blockchain ! All functions are well documented on Gitbook
The Libraries are currently made for these languages:

– C#
– Python
– NodeJS(Javascript)

More details can be found in a more detailed article here: read article

Centre Node Updater

As fellow Credits node runners may know by now that updating can be time consuming as some important things can be forgotten in the Linux update procedure.

Our new Node Updater is able to solve all this with only 1 command to run for updating a node or for people wanting to create a new node!

With this tool running or updating a node will be a lot easier!

Zapier integration of Credits Blockchain

We can share a little information as some of you may know Zapier and for people that do not know Zapier this is basically a platform where you can set up automated workflows between most common world applications Google etc etc.

We have built an integration to be able to connect the Credits blockchain with many applications around the world!
The Zapier integration is currently being privately tested and more information will come at some day!

Prototype WebCS

As we explore new ideas or solutions to be built on the Credits Blockchain we wanted to share with you a very early experimental idea.

This idea is storing one page websites on the Blockchain where the HTML is stored into a transaction/SmartContract and other platforms for Image data and reference it in the HTML file.

As a Proof Of Concept we are testing with Customized Browsers to be able to load HTML directly from the Blockchain and a WWW Router to view web pages via current known system.

Here you can view a one page sample loaded from the Blockchain:


Keep in mind this is just a proof of concept and by far not even close to a product.

Luna Chat

As the Luna Chat story continues we have/had a lot of setbacks regarding App Store policies unfortunately but we keep moving forward how difficult this will go!

But we can share some insight news of the current progress regarding this project. We are now busy creating Luna Chat Web. This means we do not rely on App Store policies at first and can launch whenever we want!

Other projects

At this moment of time we cannot share more information regarding other projects but a good thing to note is that there are other projects 😉

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